PowerThru Consulting is an award-winning woman-owned boutique digital consulting firm for advocacy and public affairs for progressive non-profits & political campaigns, providing strategy and implementation as well as public relations support to engage more people, pass legislation, raise more money for your cause, and help you win.

Digital Strategy

Not sure where to begin? We’ll design an effective strategy within your budget to accomplish your goals, find you progressive partners to expand your reach and effectiveness, amplify your message online, and build for the long term.

Online to Offline Advocacy

Looking to stop (or start) legislation, or hold elected officials and others accountable? We’ll work with you to get attention online & off, and lead your supporters up the ladder of engagement to deliver advocacy results.

Smart List Building

We’ll help you build your list the right way, finding enthusiastic supporters for you organically or at a low cost. And then we’ll help you stay in touch with them, and engage them online and off.

Social Media Engagement

Trying to connect with people via social media but not sure how? Starting with a small audience, or a large audience that needs to be activated and engaged? We’ll help you build your supporter base via social media, keep them updated with great regular content, and move them to action.

Digital Advertising

We’ll help you reach and grow your base, move elected officials, persuade mass audiences — whatever you’re looking to do, we’ll work with you to use social media advertising, search engine advertising, and display advertising to do it.

Online Fundraising

You need to raise money to keep doing your great work. We’ll help you run successful small dollar grassroots fundraising campaigns online, through email and social media, for year-end fundraising or for every day.