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We are an award-winning digital consulting firm for progressive non-profits, advocacy organizations & political campaigns, providing strategy and implementation to engage more people, raise more money for your cause, and help you win.


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How to get your names from an Action Network sponsored action
So, you’ve finally gotten on-board with one of those big Action Network sponsored actions to do a list swap. Congratulations! Action Network sponsored and co-sponsored actions are really easy to use, and can be a huge boost to your list growth efforts. Maybe you’ve teamed up with Daily Kos and gathered more than 100,000 signatures
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How to use Action Network Snippets to add footnotes
So, I write a lot of emails for advocacy groups, and my favorite ones are always well researched. But, if your an Action Network user, you might have noticed there’s no easy way to drop in a superscript character like 1 2 or 3. Sure, you can go around manually typing <sup> and </sup> into
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GDPR compliance for Salsa classic users
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU Regulation that took effect on May 25th, 2018. The regulation seeks to protect EU residents’ personal data. It creates a number of compliance obligations for organizations that process the personal data of EU residents. Salsa provides for GDPR related assurances in its Terms of Service.
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