Founded in 2010, PowerThru is an award-winning woman-owned boutique digital consulting firm for advocacy and public affairs for progressive non-profits & political campaigns, providing strategy and implementation as well as public relations support to engage more people, spread your message, pass legislation, raise more money for your cause, and help you win.

Our team has won 4 Pollies and 9 Reeds to date for our digital work, including best issue advocacy online video for our health care digital work in 2020, best online fundraising program (Democratic), innovation in fundraising, and most daring & successful tactic as a part of the Be a Hero PAC group effort to organize a crowdfunding accountability campaign on Susan Collins for her Kavanaugh vote, best digital independent expenditure for the Chicago mayoral race in 2019 and best use of targeting for a U.S. Senate IE campaign via social media in 2018 for LPAC.

We’re progressive organizers and campaign strategists with real-world experience building membership and activating people-power to serve the common good. We work with non-profit organizations of all kinds, and Democratic political campaigns and unions around the country.

Laura Packard works with progressive issue advocacy campaigns and non-profits, and Democratic candidates. She has handled digital strategy and social media for campaigns from President to city council, small to large non-profits, ballot initiatives on the local and statewide level, and unions across the country over the past decade. Laura has been a speaker/emcee for multiple national bus tours and other public events. She serves on the board of Blue Digital Exchange, a trade association for left-leaning digital professionals, and as an advisor to SpeechifAI, a tech startup working to make content social sharing easier and more effective. Laura is also a nationally-renowned health care activist, founder of Health Care Voices, and executive director of Health Care Voter. She has reached millions of people across the country with her advocacy work, including speaking with Joe Biden in primetime at the Democratic National Convention in 2020. Laura also hosts Care Talk, a weekly health care focused TV show and podcast via act.tv.