Who We Are

Founded in 2010, PowerThru Consulting is a nimble team of award-winning tech strategists, progressive organizers and Democratic campaigners with real-world experience building membership and activating people-power to serve the common good for non-profits and political campaigns. We’ve won 3 Pollies and 4 Reeds to date for our digital work. Find out more about our creative, dedicated team members around the world — in the United States (Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina), Canada and Argentina, all of whom work virtually and pass the cost savings on to you.

DrewDrew Hudson: Drew has been a political organizer with state and national campaigns for the last 12 years, specializing in merged online work with on-the-ground field organizing. As Field Director for the Vermont Public Interest Research Group he organized the state’s largest volunteer network, including planning and executing 5 summer canvass programs on clean energy and climate change that raised more than $1 million. At MoveOn.org Drew planned and executed all-volunteer vigils, petition deliveries and other actions as a leader of the Operation Democracy project. He’s directed statewide field and national voter education campaigns for labor-backed campaigns, environmental groups, and progressive candidates. Drew also served as the Executive Director at Environmental Action, where he grew the organization from scratch to over 800,000 online members to defend the only planet we will ever call home. Drew is based in Columbia, SC.

LauraLaura Packard: Laura has consulted for and trained progressive non-profits and candidates around the country, spoken at conferences from Netroots Nation to NTC, is a frequent contributor to Campaigns & Elections magazine and ePolitics, and helped update the online organizing training materials for both Camp Wellstone and Democracy for America. She is a veteran of numerous political campaigns and non-profit organizations over the past decade, including serving as Internet Communications Director for Senator Stabenow’s re-election in 2006, Interim Executive Director for the national new media training organization New Organizing Institute in 2008, Communications Director for Arkansas for the AFL-CIO in 2009, and New Media Director for Lt. Governor Bill Halter’s U.S. Senate primary campaign in 2010, which used the Internet in innovative ways and raised over 3.5 million dollars online in 3 1/2 months. She served as the director of the Secretary of State Project national 527 in the remainder of the 2010 cycle. In the 2012 cycle Laura worked with a variety of national non-profits, primarily USAction/TrueMajority – a multi-issue national online powerhouse with over 500K members, and also We Are Wisconsin during the critical 2011 Senate recalls, and African American Voter REP in the leadup to election day – the largest urban voter registration and participation project targeting African Americans in the state of California. In the 2014 cycle she worked with several campaigns around the country again, rolling out websites and advising on strategy on federal and statewide races in states including Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, and California and working with national PACs on targeted races around the country and voter protection issues. She managed three Reed award-winning and two Pollie-winning website projects in 2014, including Best Congressional Website in both, and one Reed award-winning website project in 2015. Laura is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

AnneAnne Savage: Anne Savage freelances for PowerThru. She is a very talented graphic designer and professional photographer, and a former fundraising photographer for President Barack Obama during the 2012 election. Her work uses color and imagery to move people. Anne has a deep understanding of web design for today’s non-profits and campaigns. Her work has been used on several of our 2014 winning designs, including the Reed award-winning Stop Measure Q, Oye Mi Voz and Debbie Dingell for Congress. Anne is based in Dexter, MI.

JonJon Wheeler: Jon has wide-ranging skills and experiences from the nexus of non-profit organizations, technology and politics. Jon’s worked managing computer operations on Capitol Hill; as the field director for a state delegate re-election campaign in Virginia; helped a friend start an Internet company in his living room in Chicago; taught technology and social-entrepreneurship to high school students in Massachusetts; and started a political leadership training non-profit in DC. He also served as the lead Salsa Labs support specialist for their largest clients with the most complicated needs, including the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Moms Rising, True Majority and Oceana. His website work has also won a Reed award (Oye Mi Voz). Jon is fluent in English and Spanish, and does our Spanish-language work. He is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ColinColin Whitworth: Before freelancing for PowerThru, Colin worked in journalism and multimedia training and volunteered for numerous local and state political campaigns in Alachua County, Florida. His most notable campaign was a multi-level effort to reduce the campaign contribution limits and improve reporting transparency for local campaigns in Alachua County, which included lobbying state lawmakers to allow the county to create local contribution limits, and going to the voters with a straw poll and then two changes to the county’s charter. All three votes passed overwhelmingly. Colin is a seasoned graphic designer and multimedia designer, having spent 12 years designing editorial and advertising pages for his monthly magazine, and 10 years creating and editing videos and animations. Using tools such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Captivate, Colin can create print and web graphics, websites, e-learning courses and animated multimedia presentations. Colin is based in Toronto, Canada.