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Websites and more

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Tech tools

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The Paid Family Leave Problem:

Props to our clients and friends at PL+US for taking on the biggest corporations in America over Paid Leave! Check it out and join them:

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Don’t panic! Download “A First Look at Digital Security”

Say you know that you want to protect yourself online, but you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’ve heard about a best practice or tactic to use, but you don’t know how to implement it. Well,..

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What happened in 2016?

There is some good news from this past election though.

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The Political Twitter Bots Will Rage This Election Day

Did they have an effect?

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Grappling With The Impact of 2016

What happened, and what does this mean going forward? Lots to talk about at RootsCamp this weekend.

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Forging ahead or falling behind? The state of paid leave at America's top companies

Congrats to Katie Bethell and the team at PL+US on their new report! Tell corporate America that paid leave should be a right, not a secret.

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Yesterday was bad. But there were some bright spots. Congratulations to Yes on A for LA Parks and Yes on HHH in Los Angeles County, and No BH Tower – Vote No on Measure HH in Beverly Hills, and newly-elected..

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5 Cost-Effective GOTV Plays

EDay is almost here! What can you do online cost-effectively in last few days of the campaign?

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Huge Hyperpartisan Facebook Pages Are Pushing False And Misleading Info

Huge Hyperpartisan Facebook Pages Are Pushing False & Misleading Information. #politech

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Pledge to #VoteClimate

Congrats to Vote Climate and their new WordPress website! Last night’s debate may have left out our planet again, but they are helping people to pledge to #VoteClimate for the 2016 election.

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