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Find out more about our suite of advanced tools for Salsa Labs customers. Note: our Salsa apps are available under affordable monthly subscription pricing as well, and also usually included in our website development projects. If you have a need and none of these apps are quite right, we offer customization service of our apps, and also custom Salsa development to create new apps for you. Contact us for more details.

Thank you for your help installing the goal-o-meter! We had a record breaking year-end fundraising drive and I give a lot of credit to the goal-o-meter. We weren’t able to implement as robust of A/B tests that I would have liked but we did see a statistically significant (@90%) lift with the goal-o-meter vs pages without it. – Randall Smith, Corporate Accountability International

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Salsa PowerTools Bundle

Why pick one, when you can have them all? The PowerTools package for Salsa includes our most popular tools as a bundle: the Social Media Tell a Friend, Goal-o-meter and EZ Report tool, all for one low price you can’t get anywhere else. Limited time offer, order today.

Our Price: $1500

Tell a Friend

Social Media TAF tool

These days you’re missing out if you don’t also ask your supporters to spread the word using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Doing that is actually pretty hard if you’re using the basic Salsa TAF tool – there’s no way to include a “Tweet this” or “Post to your wall” link on your TAF page and control the info you want shared. Our Social Media Tell A Friend (“SM-TAF”) tool makes social media sharing very simple, and will boost your shares. Note: you can also combine this tool with our Goalometer tool to create beautiful tell a friend pages that have goal thermometers on them, to boost sharing even more! More about our Social Media Tell a Friend tool, including examples showing how it works.

Our Price: $650

Goal-O-Meter tool

The Goal-O-Meter package enables an organization on Salsa to display a “goal thermometer” on a donation page or an advocacy page, or even a tell a friend page. The goal thermometer includes a numeric goal, current total, and a graphical representative of that in a thermometer graphic. The Goal-O-Meter can be displayed horizontally or vertically and can be displayed in two sizes, small and large. Using a thermometer may boost performance 10% or more (results from a major online non-profit). More about Goal-o-Meter here, including examples in action.

Our Price: $750

EZ Reports

EZ Report tool

Get all of your reporting needs in one easy to use package. Easily view your weekly new members by source, donations by source, tell a friend counts, action counts, and email performance all on one page. We found ourselves running multiple reports every week to get all this information. Now you can easily get all of these on one page! Find out more about our EZ Report tool here, including an example of how it looks.

Our Price: $450 tool

This Salsa package cures a limitation of the Salsa donations system: recurring payments made using an payment gateway are not updated in Salsa. When a supporter fills out a donation form making a commitment to a series of recurring payments, the fact of the agreement is recorded in a Salsa “recurring donation” record, but after that all transactions are triggered by and recorded in the payment gateway. This Salsa package brings the data about those recurring payments into Salsa and matches it up with the supporter’s record so that an accurate donation history is kept. Find out more about our tool here.

Our Price: $495

Member Management

Member management system

We can work with you to set up a system in Salsa to enable visitors to your site to sign up for a paid membership, and then to report on membership statistics and send automatic reminder emails to members when it is time to renew. Find out more about our member management system here.

Meta Tagger

Meta Tagger tool

The Meta Tagger application for Salsa allows you to add custom key/value pairs to signup pages, questionnaires, tell a friend pages, petitions, and event pages you make in Salsa Labs’ Salsa platform, and allows access to that data within your Salsa template, for logical use. Find out more about our Meta Tagger tool here.