Non-Profit and Union Website Design and Development

PowerThru Consulting is an award-winning internet consulting firm for non-profits, unions and Democratic political campaigns. We’re a nimble team of progressive tech strategists with real-world experience building membership and activating people-power to serve the common good with our non-profit website designs.

We have built beautiful and compelling award-winning websites for non-profits and unions across the country, with success in fundraising and activating the grassroots supporters necessary to win on their issues. We’re not another Beltway cookie-cutter website shop, delivering the same designs to all their clients. Our work is custom crafted, not formulaic, and our website designs are based on best practices honed by our real-world experience. Our website work has won 4 national Reed awards and 2 Pollies to date.

Since we’re based on the ground in the states, we can deliver cutting edge design and development for organizations we believe in at affordable and cost-effective rates. Need an advocacy website developed using best practices that will also wow your supporters? Let our deep experience in online and offline campaigns and our talent with design deliver an amazing website for you.

“We are very happy with our new website designed and built by PowerThru! It’s everything we asked for, and their team responded quickly and efficiently to our adjustments throughout the process. We especially appreciated their patient guidance on website management and our advocacy platform. We highly recommend their work for any non-profit.”
Angela Miller, Win Without War

We specialize in open-source content management systems for our websites like WordPress because we don’t believe in locking you to a particular vendor. We can integrate with Action Network, EveryAction, Salsa, NationBuilder, NGP VAN, BSD, ActionKit, MailChimp. Whatever your technology is on the back end, we can work with it.

We also believe responsive design is the way of the future, so our website designs will look good and work well regardless of the desktop or mobile device you’re using. With a third or more of web traffic coming in via mobile devices, that’s now critical.

Check out our latest designs on your desktop and mobile devices: Global Progressive Hub (WordPress integrated with Action Network), Fissues (WordPress integrated with EveryAction), Choice Louisiana (WordPress integrated with Salsa), ECAN Esophageal Cancer Action Network (WordPress integrated with Salsa), PowerPAC+ (NationBuilder).

Global Progressive Hub   Fissues   Choice Louisiana   ECAN   PowerPACPlus

As a part of our design process, we’ll work with you on figuring out the primary goals and audiences of your site. Then we’ll deliver a custom design that matches your brand and delivers real world results. Need a logo and branding? We can help with that too.

We’ll also help you get set up on social media if you need it — or just rebrand what you’ve got. We deliver search engine optimization services to complete the project, and make sure search engines can find your content and index it properly, and social sharing looks the way you would expect. We’ll make sure your templates for mass email, action, donate pages etc. match your new design and branding too.

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