What PowerThru learned in 2015

What PowerThru learned in 2015

Happy New Year! Recovering from the end of year fundraising push and looking for some advice to read through the holidays? Here’s our favorites from 2015, on online rapid response, how to begin online fundraising, list cleaning and more.

As the presidential campaign continues to heat up on both the Republican and Democratic side, 2016 will see campaigns of all sizes get their moment in the limelight too. Are you ready to handle the heat when you’re in the spotlight? Here’s how to handle breaking news when it hits your non-profit or campaign. More specifically, here’s a social media playbook for campaigns for debate night.

Hopefully you can take a breather from fundraising for a little bit. Your list (and you!) need a break. But say you’re just getting started, or have never fundraised online for your organization before? Here’s our tips on how to begin fundraising online.

New year? Might be time for a bit of spring cleaning! How is your email list performing, are your open rates and engagement levels up to par? Here’s a primer on email deliverability for non-profits and campaigns, and how to improve it.

While you’re sprucing up your list, take a look at your website. Is your website (and especially signup pages and donate pages) performing well for mobile devices? Our tips on how to optimize your website for mobile devices. Don’t forget your CRM templates too!

Now that your email list and website is cleaned up and ready to go, it’s time to dig in a bit deeper into how people first join and interact with you. Get more out of your email list by segmenting by interest and activity level, and really get to know your supporters. It’s a great time to refine your email welcome series too.

Finally, don’t forget to invest some time and effort into growing your list for the new year. If you’ve just gone through an intensive fundraising period, you’ve probably seen your list shrink a bit (also if you’ve just cleaned up your list too). This would be a great time to try Facebook advertising to build your list back up with petitions slowly and surely.

Finally, looking for a job change for yourself or for friends in the new year? Here’s our tips for progressive job hunters. Happy hunting!