What happened in 2016?

What happened in 2016?

This election was pretty devastating, I won’t lie. Even with some bright spots on the West Coast, we’re looking at a GOP-controlled House and Senate, and a President Trump for four years. We had some successes on Election Night, but 2017 and beyond looks dark for progressives.

All kinds of great ballot measures passed in California though, and some other states– and some great candidates were elected (and some absolutely terrible ones too). In Los Angeles County California, we were proud to build the campaign website for LA County Supervisor-Elect Janice Hahn and integrate her online campaign infrastructure last year. She won on Election Day, and she now has the infrastructure in place to serve Los Angeles County.

Also in LA County, this summer we helped launch websites for Measure A for LA County Parks and Measure HHH to Help House the Homeless. We helped set up their online campaign infrastructure, including email lists, social media and more, to reach an audience across the county. For the parks measure, we also assisted with ongoing social media, including an innovative Twitter chat that reached tens of thousands of voters, and online advertising to reach and persuade voters too. Both ballot measures won commandingly on Election Day.

In Beverly Hills, with the help of the community we beat back a bad ballot initiative backed by a deep pocketed developer looking to buy their way around local control, with No on Measure HH. We set up a website, social media, email list, and online advertising to reach every Beverly Hills voter with the facts, ahead of and on Election Day.

In 2016, we also worked again with groups like African American Voter REP in California to to register thousands of African-American voters and turn them out on Election Day: helping pass progressive legislation locally and statewide, and delivering the margin of victory to help elect great folks up and down the ballot.

Big congratulations to our friends and clients at the Marijuana Policy Project for providing a shred of good news as well by legalizing marijuana in 4 out of 5 states with ballot initiatives. Thousands of people will stay out of jail because of that. And for the next four years when they go low, we’ll get high.

We also worked with several climate change activist groups including Climate Hawks Vote to build VoteClimate.net, a unified voice for climate voters to elect representatives who reflect our values.

While other clients fell short on Election Day, we are proud of the creative, data-driven work we performed for each of them. Democrats suffered some tough losses nationwide and a truly terrifying Commander in Chief, but we can learn from success in California and elsewhere.