We Wouldn't Exist Without Net Neutrality

We Wouldn't Exist Without Net Neutrality

This is adapted and cross-posted from Drew’s startup project, 198 methods – check them out if you want to see some of what Drew is doing when not helping our clients save the planet (hint, saving the planet by other means).

Big ISPs want to Kill net Neutrality, not on our watch.Imagine a world where Donald Trump’s tweets are delivered faster, instantly, to every device in the world, but our messages and emails planning protest and resistance take hours to be delivered. It’s not a nightmare (well, it would be) — it’s what the internet could look like without Net Neutrality.

Net neutrality is a basic concept: your internet provider cannot slow down your browsing on certain pages, block websites, or charge apps and sites extra fees to reach an audience. All legal content is treated the same.

It’s been crucial to new movements around the world because it ensures activists can share news and ideas at the same speed as corporations and governments. If you streamed a video from Standing Rock, Donated to a candidates campaign online, or just shared an online petition with a friend – you’re using Net Neutrality.

And now, that’s all in danger. Click here to send a message using the coalition action page to the FCC and your elected officials in D.C. telling them that you won’t stand by and let them kill net neutrality.

Trump has a former Verizon lawyer to lead the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in a crusade to weaken Obama’s legal framework for net neutrality.

If they succeed, cable companies and internet providers like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon will have dramatically more control over what you can see online, and can extract bribes and payments from anyone who wants to get their message out. Without the current net neutrality rules, they’ll be able to block, throttle, and censor what you can see on the internet – not to mention charging you extra fees for decent service.

But it’s not too late to speak out: The FCC is taking public comments until Monday, July 17th. Which is why we’re teaming up with a  huge coalition of friends online to make our voices heard. Millions of people have already spoken out against the FCC’s plan to kill net neutrality, but we need to turn up the heat even more.

Thanks for standing up for a free and open internet.