Tune in for the Veep Debate!

Tune in for the Veep Debate!

Are you ready for some mostly-inconsequential, but possibly still entertaining Ruuuuuummmbblllee??!

*Ahem* We here at PowerThru love politics. So it will come as no surprise that we watched the first Presidential debate with rapt attention. Our clients and friends (and hey, us!) are working on a wide range of elections this fall, as well as critical issue-oriented campaigns like climate change, voting rights, civil rights, and more that absolutely hinge on the outcome of the election.

So yeah, we’re into it. Which is also why we’d like to cordially invite you to watch the Vice Presidential debate live with us right here on the internet.

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Live Blog Tune in for the Veep Debate!

Why watch with us?

Well, let’s be honest, the VP debate is not expected to be as Trump-y as the first presidential debate. Pence and Kaine are both staid, career politicians that nobody expects to make a fuss. In fact, veteran media analyst Jeff Greenfield says “If you could bottle the indifference with which America will treat the Pence-Kaine debate, it could put several time zones to sleep.”

BUT the battle of the Veep-steaks is worth watching (and promoting) for a few reasons:

  1. We're looking at you, Tim.
    We’re looking at you, Tim.

    For once the expectations are higher for the inexperienced white male Republican in a debate. Pence has to walk back some of Trump’s trumpier trumpisms including: Climate Denial, insulting all women everywhere, and painting Alicia Machado as a dangerous bank robbing felon who once threatened a judge while retaining the latino vote. Tim Kaine needs to wear pants, and gets bonus points if he works in a shoulder shimmy. 

  2. It’s about the media. Lester Holt was widely panned for his work moderating the first debate. Mostly because he let Trump tell 34 lies in 90 minutes (just about par) and never once said, “hold on there crazy pants.” Quijano has a lesser challenge, given that both Pence and Kaine are expected to, you know, prepare and also answer in complete sentences. But she’s still got a job to do – asking about Climate Change, voting rights, choice (which by the by NOBODY has asked about in a debate yet this year) and more. What’s more, if Quijano does ask solid questions on topics that matter it could set a powerful precedent for the second Presidential Debate – coming up next Sunday, October 9. That debate is in a town hall format and you can submit and vote on questions through our friends at the Open Debate Coalition. So the tone and content of the questions at the Veep debate will help shape the coverage and content of more important debates later.
  3. It’s about Congress and the Senate in particular. Pence served in the Congress, Kaine in the Senate. After the first debate, polls swung back towards Clinton and the Democrats. The Kaine-Pence debate offers a chance to talk more about the other-white-meat, err branch of Government. Kaine could have a chance to vote on the TPP during a lame duck session – should he? And how would he vote given Clinton’s for-it-before-I-was-against-it-don’t-tell-@POTUS stance?

So C’mon, do it for Uncle Joe! Tune in with us Tuesday, October 4 for a fun-filled night guaranteed to make you appreciate Joe Biden, and the democratic process.

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    I’m happy we will all be watching together. Why? Because We are Stronger Together!

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    Sorry, Drew, but I think Holt did a pretty good job overall. However, Trump certainly hung himself and his “very bad week” is a reflection of that. But don’t worry – we’ll be watching. Pence is even scarier than Trump because he really believes all that right-wing garbage and religiosity. I trust Kaine will quietly dismantle him – at least I sure do hope so. Neither are stupid; it’s just that Pence is all kinds of wrong.

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    I’ll be watching! Good luck Tim Kaine!

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    I’ll listen to the debate. Without trump there, there shouldn’t be too much malarkey !

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    I’m looking forward to this VEEP debate, as anyone who would want to be Trump’s running mate is of questionable ethical values. Maybe if he does well enough, the Republicans might try to replace Trump in the #1 position.

    Both candidates running for President have major issues and, for me, who gets my vote will be the better of the two, although I wish that we had two different, more honest and ethical candidates to choose from.

    Our country is in a very sad state, as is the whole world. Scary! If I were young and considering starting a family, I believe that I wouldn’t wish the future on any child I might have, and therefore I would choose to remain childless.

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    I’m voting for Hilary Clinton she is Barrack Obama’s Successor
    and i wish her good Luck , I think she will certainly win the debate

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