Turning out green voters for the Vermont League of Conservation Voters

Turning out green voters for the Vermont League of Conservation Voters

Learn about how we helped the Vermont League of Conservation Voters get green voters to the polls with the “Vote Green Gov” campaign last fall.

Vote Green Gov, turning out green voters for Vermont LCV

From September 1-November 2 2010, PowerThru operated the “Vote Green Gov” project for VtLCV. The project had 3 goals:

  1. Raise VtLCV’s profile as an organization that can move and shape electoral victories for pro-environment candidates;
  2. Provide meaningful support to a VtLCV endorsed candidates for governor;
  3. Provide decisive support to a short list of endorsed State Senate and House candidates, with a focus on the Senate.

Thanks to excellent collaboration, over-the-top success in fundraising and an extraordinary team of staff, volunteers and allies we well exceeded the initial vision for this program.

  • 173% Voter contacts/Contact goal;
    • Including a 34% re-contact rate: call-backs to target voters who pledged to vote green in the last 48 hours of the campaign.
  • 35% of contacted voters affirmed support for green candidates (green Voters);
    • 5% Green voters were New Registered voters; 20% of Green voters voted early or by absentee; 100% of Green voter contact info tracked and retained by VtLCV and returned to national Catalist file of LCV.
  • Increased web traffic 500%.

How did we do it? PowerThru used database modeling to pinpoint the most likely environmental voters around the state. Then we built and ran a team of canvassers to go door-to-door talking to voters. Our custom phone bank software for Salsa made it easy for volunteers to make reminder calls to voters as well, to get them out to vote. We provided a consistent design and brand for the website, campaign t-shirts and more, to motivate people to Vote Green Gov!

The great thing about working with PowerThru was that they did 95% of the work. All they needed was a little bit of guidance from me on what I wanted to accomplish, and they took that information, turned it into an excellent plan and then implanted that plan to a T. – Todd Bailey, Vermont LCV

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