Sales Tax, Shipping and Handling and Gift Options – Oh My!

Sales Tax, Shipping and Handling and Gift Options – Oh My!

Well, perhaps not as catchy as what Dorothy and her pals sang to keep their spirits up while traveling down the Yellow Brick Road but here at PowerThru Consulting we’ve been playing the role of the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz and putting all kinds of interesting features into Salsa donation and storefront pages.

Sales Tax Computation
BornFree USA came to us with an interesting problem – being an organization with an office in Sacramento, CA they are required to charge different amounts of sales tax on their storefront purchases depending on whether item is purchased by or shipped to an address in California, Sacramento County or the City of Sacramento. Salsa Classic doesn’t come with any provisions to add sales taxes to purchase, much less different amounts based on particular state, county or city residency.

That’s where we came in. We wrote some jQuery for their storefront template that runs as the user is entering their address info and calculates the appropriate sales tax and updates the total amount being charged. We also add that information into the donation record so the organization can easily report on what taxes were collected for different localities so they can send the correct amount.

Gift Options
Born Free also wanted us to integrate several different pages they were using depending on whether donors were making a donation to sponsor an animal, adopt a primate or become a member for themselves or as a gift for someone else. They also wanted to give people the option to sponsor or adopt more than one animal, thereby increasing their donation amount.

You can see how the pages looked and worked before we had a crack at them and after – much more user-friendly and interactive and in the end will help get more of those sweet little primates “adopted” by their supporters.

Shipping and Handling
Out last magic trick was to help Many Voices implement very complicated bulk-purchase discount and shipping and handling computations on their Salsa storefront pages. For example, their requirements included this computation:

...when ordering 10-packs (but no 50-packs) of cards:
 $7.00 for one
 $9.00 for every 5 10-packs
 $5.00 extra for every 10 books (but up to three books are shipped at no extra cost)

So we added some code to their storefront template that goes through each item in their shopping cart, figures out what category it is in (i.e. 50-pack cards, 10-pack cards, books) and then performs the appropriate calculation based on how many items of each different category it has. The user is shown how much shipping and handling they will be paying and the total amount they are being charged is updated.

Have some unique ways you want to use your Salsa donation or storefront pages? Or really any Salsa page for that matter? Contact us – we’ll be happy to perform some of our wizardry for you as well