PowerTools apps to extend Salsa

PowerTools apps to extend Salsa

Do you use Salsa by Salsa Labs? Want to get the most out of it for your organization or campaign? Check out our Salsa apps store for apps to extend Salsa’s capabilities.

The PowerTools Salsa apps bundle includes the Social Media Tell a Friend, Goal-o-meter and EZ report tools, plus installation and customization of our widgets by a PowerThru tech as needed.

The Social Media Tell a Friend tool allows you to easily create tell a friend pages with social sharing built in – you control the Facebook title, text and image, and Twitter text.

The Goal-O-Meter lets you set up a thermometer graphic to track donations or actions – which may lift performance 10% or more!

The EZ Reports tool allows you to easily view your weekly new members by source, donations by source, tell a friend counts, action counts, and email performance all on one page.

These tools are available individually or as a package bundle in our Salsa app store: Buy now online as a package for the discounted price of $1500. (also available separately)

We also have other tools for Salsa available, including our Authorize.net package that enables recurring donations to record properly in Salsa, and Meta Tagger that lets you add meta tags to multiple Salsa pages without needing to create special templates every time.

Have more questions about our Salsa apps? Contact PowerThru today!