Salsa tools - Meta Tagger for Salsa by PowerThru

Salsa tools - Meta Tagger for Salsa by PowerThru

The Meta Tagger application for Salsa allows you to add custom key/value pairs to signup pages, questionnaires, tell a friend pages, petitions, and event pages you make in Salsa Labs’ Salsa platform, and allows access to that data within your Salsa template, for logical use.

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In practice, for example, you set up custom fields you would like to use for your signup pages (say, a custom field that defines the text of your submit button on the page) and then on a per-page basis, you can change the submit button text to make it say “Sign the petition!” or “RSVP” depending on how you are using that page.

This allows extended functionality within Salsa, as you can have many different custom fields for different functions, and you can program with those custom fields in Salsa templates, doing different things depending on the presence or value of a custom field.

The most well known use of key/value pairs is inside of WordPress. In WordPress this is called custom fields and looks like this:

Custom Fields in WordPress example

A common use of custom fields in WordPress is to create the display the Facebook Open Graph key/value pairs. You can use the tool to create a Facebook title, description, image, etc… on a individual page basis, so that you can more easily control the way your pages appear in Facebook.

With the Meta Tagger application, you can do the same thing with various Salsa pages. Now you can set Facebook OG tags for different Salsa pages without having to hand create a template for each page. Our interface looks like this:

Salsa Meta Tagger