Launching the Pam Byrnes for Congress campaign

Launching the Pam Byrnes for Congress campaign

Pam Byrnes is a well-known and inspirational political figure in Southeastern Michigan. She’s been a part of Washtenaw County politics for many years, was elected three times as State Representative before being term limited out, and finished up her career in the state legislature as House Speaker Pro Tempore. The 7th Congressional District is an equally well-known battleground in Michigan politics, control having gone back and forth between the Democratic Party and Republicans over the past decade. Although not seriously contested in 2012, this seat is perennially a national hot seat.

Pam was temporarily overseas working for the University of Michigan after her time in the legislature, but she came home to win back this seat. Although she had a well-known name and political background, it had been a few years since Pam had run for office — and she had never run for a federal race before. That’s where we came in.

As her campaign manager was brought in, we helped them take stock of their existing assets (domain names, social media, email lists etc.) and plan out what they needed. On a quick timeframe, we worked with them to turn back on that campaign infrastructure. We built the campaign a temporary splash page to collect donations and email addresses, and provide a point of contact for the campaign. We branded everything appropriately, and turned it on the morning of their campaign launch — which went very smoothly and gained them a ton of favorable press coverage. Pam went on to gain EMILY’s List’s endorsement as well as the support of the DCCC.

Months later, the campaign was going strong – but they had outgrown the basic splash page. They turned back to us, looking for a beautiful and responsively-designed website that would work well for desktops and mobile devices and integrate with NGP VAN. With their input, we designed the new website, and launched it in January to rave reviews.

The new website is built in WordPress, an open source easy-to-use platform that does not lock the campaign into any particular vendor for support. It fully integrates with NGP VAN, their chosen mass email and donation CMS platform, as well as social media. Finally, it is built around their goals so that the design will drive email signups and donations, rather than sacrificing usability for design.

“Laura and the PowerThru team did a great job building our site. Our site is clean and efficient and they were so easy to work with. They kept our project on track, on time, and made the process a breeze.”
– Karen Defilippi, Campaign Manager, Pam Byrnes for Congress

We’re proud to have helped Pam Byrnes run to be the next Representative for Michigan’s 7th District. Read our guide to how to successfully launch a campaign online for more tips and tricks on how to make your campaign a success. Need help with getting your campaign launched, or building out your full website? Contact PowerThru and we can help with a winning design for your team, too.