The last debate of the longest campaign

The last debate of the longest campaign

It’s been a grueling campaign season. And the last few weeks have, by all accounts, gotten incredibly dark and dangerous as Donald Trump declares the race “rigged” and tells his supporters to form roving voter intimidation squads.

But if you want to strike a blow for civility, normalcy, and good civic behavior join us for the last debate! We’ll watch live as Chris Wallace, the anchor of Fox News Sunday, moderates the final debate. He’s known for his aggressive questioning style of both Democrats and Republicans, so let’s hope he gets into climate change, voting rights, gun safety, and other issues that matter.

Live Blog The last Debate of the Longest Campaign

What’s new since our last conversation? Well, Laura delivered over 50,000 signatures to Fox News’ offices in New York asking them to ask about #votingrights and mass disenfranchisement. Sounds like a good idea to us, given Trump’s ongoing nonsense about “rigged elections”.

Also, tens of thousands of people have signed on to petitions calling on the debate moderators to ask a question about climate change. Given that Wallace works at Fox News, expectations are low that he’ll oblige (no other moderator has asked about climate change either). But we’ve seen him go after Rick Santorum on climate in the past, so we’ll be paying attention!

See you Oct. 19 at 9 p.m. Eastern / 6 p.m. Pacific live online from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas (UNLV).

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    I get a number of invitations to watch debates “live with us”. I’m not very computer literate. I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t have cable TV. I have been watching the debates via streaming on a Roku. Can I actually “watch ” it with you on this website, or are you just offering me an opportunity to read and make comments here as I watch the actual debate by other means? I realize that these things are obvious to many young folks, but older voters like myself often need more information. Thanks.

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