Interesting things heard lately in the PowerThru office

Interesting things heard lately in the PowerThru office

One of my favorite things about my job is that PowerThru is that we have a great “office”. Sure, our employees are scattered across half a dozen cities, 2 continents, and 3 time zones. But every morning, I get up and log into our communal chat room – which is called “the office” – and there’s always something interesting going on or being talked about (ok, not ALWAYS, sometimes we’re busy building stuff for clients).

For example –

Hey, thinking out loud here..
We figured out how to make whizbang custom tabs, that could even include Salsa actions in them.
Maybe instead of running ad campaigns for ΞΞΞΞΞΞ that direct you to their website to sign the petition, they could direct you to a tab instead
On the plus side – directing inside Facebook means that people can Like it right from the ad, rather than needing to click.
On the minus side – maybe some people will be lazy and just click Like, rather than going to the trouble of signing the petition (and giving us their email address).

It’s just the kind of question we tend to ask ourselves: Which is better- a Facebook Like? or an email signup?

Well as you might expect from a team of geeks that includes a former executive director of the New Organizing Institute and whose office is an online chatroom – we’re doing some research on that.

Which led to THIS interesting snippet heard later in the day:

Facebook stats for a client

For reference, that blast went to about 35,000 people and was a classic ‘reportback’ email – in this case sharing news of Dave Hansen’s victory in a WI recall election and encouraging folks to share the news with their networks.

This brief bit of anecdotal evidence suggests 2 things:

  1. That more and more, when you say “share the news” our members and online communities hear an implied “on Facebook” at the end of the sentence. It’s like you said “Make a copy of this” and people walked to the xerox machine, instead of pulling out charcoal and rubbing paper. You might WANT them to email your link, but Facebook sharing is what they’re used to (about 750 million of us, anyway) and that’s what they’re gonna do – if you give them the option.
  2. The average Facebook user has about 130 friends – so even presuming a low attention rate, those 200 FB shares probably got us about a thousand sets of eyeballs. By comparison similar tell-a-friend contests, even with ‘sweeteners’ like free pens for the people who send emails or sign up, have returned approximately 1% new members – or about 350 people. So in terms of bang for the buck – this got us more attention from people we don’t know than if we’d offered prizes or giveaways to the members to share the news.

So you might want to consider going for the direct Facebook sharing ask, instead of sending people to a tell a friend page with multiple options. Of course every circumstance and organization is different. But for those of us who periodically wonder if it’s “worth it” to organize on Facebook, I’ve got 1,300 eyeballs – approximately the circulation of the New York Times in my rural congressional district  – that says it is.

And I know so, because I heard it in the PowerThru office.

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