Salsa tools - EZ Report tool for Salsa by PowerThru

Salsa tools - EZ Report tool for Salsa by PowerThru

Bedeviled by the custom reporting options in Salsa? Wasting time every week or month running regular reports for your coworkers or boss on how your list is doing, how many new people gained by an action, how much money was raised from your last fundraiser? Want to know how your list is performing over time?

Get all of your Salsa reporting needs in one easy to use package from PowerThru. Easily view your weekly (or any time period you choose) new members by source, donations by source, tell a friend counts, action counts, and email performance all on one page. We found ourselves running multiple reports every week to get all this information. Now you can easily get all of these for your Salsa center on one page via our tool! No more custom reports needed, this tool aggregates all that information in one place, and the only configuration it needs is to enter the date from which you want the report to run.

This tool is available separately or as a part of our PowerTools package for Salsa (read more about the rest of our tools for Salsa, and buy as a bundle).

Our Price: $150

Click to enlarge screen shot below (note the data is blank for this example).
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