Salsa tip - embed a classic Salsa form in a WordPress post or page

Salsa tip - embed a classic Salsa form in a WordPress post or page

Not for the faint of heart – this post/video kicks off our advanced series of videos in online organizing. Dubbed the PhD in Getting Sh!t Done. Today let’s look at the most complex thing you can do with the otherwise easy to use Salsa Labs organizing platform – namely extracting classic Salsa form elements from the system, so you can place them anywhere on the internet (like on your WordPress website or on social media) and gain total control over them in terms of style, design and integration into your site.

Note that if you’re looking for someone to build you a beautiful Salsa-integrated responsive website with WordPress for your non-profit or a Salsa-integrated website for your political campaign, we can help you out — just give us a call!

In this example, we’re working on a simple petition, but you can apply the same principles to a Salsa targeted action, signup form, or even an event registration. Be aware that Salsa donation pages or event forms that need to process a credit card offer some unique challenges (secure processing, etc) so don’t try THAT at home.

I’ll post another PhDiGSD soon that walks through styling the Salsa form elements with CSS to make everything look pretty.

Have more questions or need help embedding Salsa forms into the website for your organization? Contact PowerThru today!