Salsa tools - recurring donation handling for Salsa by PowerThru

Salsa tools - recurring donation handling for Salsa by PowerThru

This Salsa package cures a limitation of the Salsa donations system: recurring payments made using an payment gateway are not updated in Salsa. When a supporter fills out a donation form making a commitment to a series of recurring payments, the fact of the agreement is recorded in a Salsa “recurring donation” record, but after that all transactions are triggered by and recorded in the payment gateway. The Salsa system never hears about those later donations, and the supporter’s record does not reflect them.

This Salsa package brings the data about those recurring payments into Salsa and matches it up with the supporter’s record so that an accurate donation history is kept.

Our Price: $495

There is a one time fee of $495 for our package. We will work with Salsa to get the package installed onto your center. Have more questions? Send us an email today.


There is no setup to be done to the package itself. There is a setup step required on the gateway itself in order for this system to work.

The system offers a service called a “Silent Post URL”. When you set up a Silent Post URL, the system will send information about all future transactions to that webpage. You must set the Silent Post URL of your account to be the URL of this package. Then the package can receive the incoming data and store it correctly. There is a short video showing where to update your gateway.

Here is an example of the URL you should put into the box shown in the video. The URL you should use is created below after you select your payment gateway and will end in ?gateway=(ID of your gateway):



Just check your supporter records to see the new donation data appearing! The system runs by itself. The system sends the posted data sometime after midnight each night.

The primary limitation is that the package relies on to post new transactions to the package. Therefore no transactions which took place *before* the package was installed are imported.

The package can store transactions for more than one account. If, for instance, you have an gateway account for your 501(c)(3) organization and a separate account for an affiliated 501(c)(4), the package may be configured to receive transactions from both accounts and apply them correctly. To do this, append the appropriate Salsa gateway key number to the end of the URL listed above.