Is your non-profit ready for year-end fundraising?

Is your non-profit ready for year-end fundraising?

It’s late fall, and the holiday season is sooner than you think. Are you ready for Giving Tuesday and year-end fundraising? The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, it’s a major fundraising day of the year for non-profits. Giving Tuesday also kicks off the year-end fundraising drive for many non-profits and campaigns. You need to plan ahead for a successful end of the year for your organization. First, check out our guide to Giving Tuesday. Note that whether or not you participate, that day is a huge email day for non-profits and you’ll probably want to steer clear of it for everyday items.

Here’s some more great resources to help you with your end of year fundraising. Fundraising for beginners (how to get started), online fundraising best practices & principles (evergreen concepts), and what really works for year-end fundraising (what we learned).

If you have an eligible c3, it would be good to apply for a Google grant. Do you already have a Google grant? If that’s something you’d like to explore, just email us for more information or go here:

Also don’t forget to apply to use Facebook’s fundraising tools — including a Donate Now button on your page. If you’re eligible, please take advantage of these opportunities to get your message out via online advertising, and even do online fundraising (for free).

Take a look at the holiday calendar for all religions, and plan around it. It may help to work back from Dec 31 — and sort out which days you want to email, and also which days people will be in the office or not. If you can get content approved ahead of time, you can set the emails to go out automatically, saving your own holiday plans!

You’ll want to look at how much you raised (and when) during past years, to set goals for this year. Setting public goals helps you know what to aim for, and also can motivate your supporters to give or give more. Make sure your donation platform allows for goal thermometers.

You’ll also want to do the technical work behind the scenes to try step-up asks (the donation asks in your email could be for 1.5x their previous gift, to encourage them a little more), and a baseline low dollar ask for people who have never donated. You might want to consider swag giveaways, contests, donor matches and more to motivate people to become brand new donors or higher tier donors.

We wish you the best of luck for your end-of-year fundraising season!

Need help getting started on Giving Tuesday or for your organization’s year-end fundraising drive? Contact PowerThru today!