Salsa Labs Custom Templates, Development and Consulting

PowerThru Consulting is an award-winning internet consulting firm for progressive non-profits and political campaigns, and a Salsa-certified partner. We’re a nimble team of progressive tech strategists with real-world experience building membership and activating people-power to serve the common good using Salsa.

salsa_markOne of our favorite tools for massive email blasts, online petitions, organizing nationwide streetcorner protests and raising money is Salsa. We know every blade of this widely-used Swiss Army knife of organizing, and our developers are experienced at building new tools on top of the platform to make it do even more. We’re a developer, strategic and services partner with Salsa – read our Partner Spotlight on Our references include the guy who built the system.

We can help you with all your Salsa Labs / Democracy in Action / DIA / Wired for Change needs! From custom responsive web and email template development to fine tuning your donation templates to raise the maximum possible; from cleaning your email list to save on your monthly bill AND increase opens and engagement of your supporters, to making sure your templates for emails, donations and actions are optimized for mobile devices; we do it all.

Looking for a beautiful and effective responsively-designed website that fully integrates with Salsa, and templates to match? We can help. Need to integrate Salsa with another database? We can do that. Want to power up your end of year fundraising with list segmentation, targeted asks, and custom donation page template work? We can do that too. Want your Salsa center customized with a new widget that expands their system to do exactly what you need? We can build it, we’re the people to call. Need to get mobile ready with your Salsa templates? Contact PowerThru now, and we can make it happen >>

“We are very happy with our new website designed and built by PowerThru! It’s everything we asked for, and their team responded quickly and efficiently to our adjustments throughout the process. We especially appreciated their patient guidance on website management and the Salsa advocacy platform. We highly recommend their work for any non-profit.” – Angela Miller, Win Without War

Looking for custom email, donation and petition templates, Salsa app development, Salsa-integrated web development, or need general help with your Salsa center? Contact PowerThru today!

Our widgets include our Tell a Friend tool that lets you specify how your action looks when shared on Facebook, Goal-O-Meter that lets you add a dynamic goal thermometer to actions, donate pages, and tell a friend pages, EZ reports that bundles up several common custom reports in one easy tool, that enables recurring donations to record properly in Salsa, Contact Manager that lets you use Salsa like a traditional contact management program, Meta Tagger that lets you add meta tags to multiple Salsa pages without needing to create special templates every time, Petition Widget Builder that allows your supporters to create an embeddable widget version of your Salsa petitions, and our phone banking and field canvassing tools that use Salsa as their database.

“Thank you for your help installing the goal-o-meter! We had a record breaking year-end fundraising drive and I give a lot of credit to the goal-o-meter. We weren’t able to implement as robust of A/B tests that I would have liked but we did see a statistically significant (@90%) lift with the goal-o-meter vs pages without it.” – Randall Smith, Corporate Accountability International

Also be sure to check out our blog for lots of tips and tricks that are Salsa-specific and more general.