Salsa tip – post-event sign up, what do we do with people now?

Salsa tip – post-event sign up, what do we do with people now?

We got a good question from one of our union clients (solidarity!) about what to do with people after they sign up for an event in Salsa. Our suggestion is always to immediately re-direct people to a tell a friend page (preferably one using PowerThru’s custom Salsa widget to incorporate Facebook and Twitter sharing) after a Salsa event RSVP. The moments right after someone signs up for an event or takes an action are the moments when they’re most likely to want to share the news – so we should capitalize on that!

But even if you don’t send people directly to a tell a friend page, you CAN use the Salsa event tool to redirect users to something more interesting than just a blank page with the words “thank you” on them.

Here’s how:

Option 1 is to build a tell a friend page-

Option 2, or step 2 if you take our advice and build a tell a friend, is to add a redirect to the end of the event signup process that points users somewhere. Here’s how to do that:

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