Salsa tip – how to add a custom title and image for Facebook sharing

Salsa tip – how to add a custom title and image for Facebook sharing

Had a great question from our favorite startup client RootsAction today – they use our social media tell a friend tool to promote their actions on social media – but they wanted to add a special graphic and custom-title. We’ve built those features into a new release of our tell a friend tool for Salsa.

But if you don’t have our latest tool, here’s a step-by-step training video on how to edit YOUR Salsa templates to include a custom title and image for Facebook sharing. Just make a custom template in Salsa, and edit the meta tags in the header section to specify the title, content and image of a share post on Facebook.

Here’s a link explaining what the Facebook meta tags are, and how they work. If you’re doing work tweaking your meta tags on a page, don’t forget to lint after you’re done! Facebook caches their content, so you need to tell Facebook to update the cache if it’s got old information for your page. Here’s how to lint a page in Facebook.

Happy Facebook sharing!

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