Graphic Design Hacks for a Viral Social Media Campaign


Do you include images with your articles and updates on social media?

In this article I’ll show you three online design tools to make your own shareable images–no formal design skills necessary.

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#1. Create a compelling image

If you need inspiration for a new image, take a look at Canva’s Editor’s Picks on the home page. Canva is an online tool built by designers who had non-designers in mind.

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This particular design tool is an excellent choice if you want to create a template and then switch out the background, text or other elements as needed. And because Canva saves your work in layers, you can go back and make changes hours, days or months later.

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1. change the color of something—your text, perhaps? Click on the text and then click the color circles to change colors easily. Canva doesn’t have a color picker (a dropper to select colors already in your image), but they do have a color wheel under the +.

My favorite thing about Canva color is that it saves your recent colors, which is nice when you know you’re going to be using your company colors often.

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I must admit there is a learning curve, but you get through it pretty quickly. Once you get used to it, you’ll find the Canva process that works best for you.there is a learning curve, but you get through it pretty quickly. Once you get used to it, you’ll find the Canva process that works best for you. Making changes to the text color.
I use Canva when I’m collaborating on an image or creating a template I’ll be reusing. I also use Canva for their fantastic photos and basic structure.

#2: Add Interest With Fonts

PicMonkey is known for its fun, user-friendly interface and its huge collection of fonts. This tool is free, but if you get a paid account you can get the ad-free version that includes premium fonts and

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There’s even an option for adding specialized fonts, meaning if your business uses a specific font, you can upload it and use it in PicMonkey.

With PicMonkey, changing background and text colors is a snap. You can choose a specific color if you know the hex code, use the color picker or use the dropper tool select a color right from your image.

In the example below I used the dropper tool to duplicate the color of the liquid and used that color for the middle row of text.

ADD PICK HERE: Using Dropper tool to match colors on image.

Pic Monkey makes it simple to try out fonts and colors, but it’s usually a good idea tostick to one or two fonts and one to three colors for your overall image.

There may be times when you need to create an image and make duplicates in different sizes. No problem. You can open another tab for PicMonkey and simply copy and paste your text from the original image to your new image in the new tab. PicMonkey copies the colors and fonts, enabling you to recreate another image quickly—and you can resize however you like.

The downfall of PicMonkey is that you have to save your work to your computer. When you close your work in PicMonkey, it’s gone forever! If you upload and open your saved image in PicMonkey it will be flattened, which means you can’t change colors, fonts or move the text around.

 you save your image to your computer you can name the file, choose either .jpg or .png, set the quality and resize as needed.

I use PicMonkey when I’m doing one-time images, working solo or using my own photography.

#3: Make Quick Memes on Mobile

MadeWithOver is a mobile-only tool that’s perfect for making quick quotes on your pictures.

You can upload your own camera picture or use their set backdrops. Either way, backgrounds are easy to swap out later, so go ahead and experiment. I often use Over’s library of photos, but it’s somewhat limited.

ADD PIC: Made With Over’s Photos

Once you choose your backdrop, you can add text. You can use pre-created quotes or select Custom from the menu and make your own.

You’ll have the chance to share your image to Facebook and Twitter right then and there. You can also email the image to yourself or save and download it into your social scheduler to post later.

Wrapping Up

Whether you have a background in design or not, Canva, PicMonkey and MadeWithOver are useful tools that let you create and share social media images quickly. You don’t have to take a college course or watch lengthy YouTube tutorials to figure out how to use them. Just dig in and experiment.



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