Salsa tools – Goal-O-Meter goal display thermometer for Salsa by PowerThru

Salsa tools – Goal-O-Meter goal display thermometer for Salsa by PowerThru

Our Goal-O-Meter package for Salsa enables an organization to display an auto-updating “goal thermometer” on a donation page or an advocacy page, or even a tell a friend page.┬áThe goal thermometer includes a numeric goal, current total, and a graphical representative of that in a thermometer graphic.┬áThe Goal-O-Meter can be displayed horizontally or vertically and can be displayed in two sizes, small and large.

“Thank you for your help installing the goal-o-meter! We had a record breaking year-end fundraising drive and I give a lot of credit to the goal-o-meter. We weren’t able to implement as robust of A/B tests that I would have liked but we did see a statistically significant (@90%) lift with the goal-o-meter vs pages without it.” – Randall Smith, Corporate Accountability International

This tool is available separately or as a part of our PowerTools package for Salsa (read more about the rest of our tools for Salsa, and buy as a package).

Our Price: $750

Have more questions? Send us an email today. Or buy now via credit card:

Examples of our Goal-O-Meter tool in action:
USAction donation campaign, medium size thermometer
RootsAction donation campaign, medium size thermometer
USAction petition, medium size thermometer
USAction tell a friend page (using our Tell a Friend tool), medium size thermometer

Click to enlarge screen shot of the back end in Salsa below.
Goal-O-Meter example 1

Here are two graphical examples of our goal thermometer:

Goal-O-Meter example 2

Goal-O-Meter example - vertical



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