How to embed a SWF file in a WordPress post

How to embed a SWF file in a WordPress post

Want to include animation or interactive content on your website? Perhaps you’ve got a Flash Shockwave file (SWF) you want to put onto your website, but not sure how to proceed? You can easily add this file to a WordPress post using the Kimili plug-in. Here’s a step-by-step guide to teach you how:

1. Install the Kimili plug-in by clicking the Plugins link in your dashboard, searching for Kimili Flash Embed. Please note you must be logged in as an administrator in WordPress to do this.

2. Upload the SWF file to a location on the internet. WordPress may not let you import SWF files directly, so you may need to use another server. You could always ftp up to your webserver directly, if you have an FTP account.

3. Copy the URL of the uploaded file.

4. On the post where you want to place the SWF file, insert this code:

[kml_flashembed movie="/path/to/your/movie.swf" height="300" width="300" /]

5. Replace /path/to/your/movie.swf with the URL of the SWF file.

6. Change the height and width values from “300” to their actual values.

7. Publish your post.

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