Welcome Jesse Bacon: Another new hire joins the PowerThru family!

Welcome Jesse Bacon: Another new hire joins the PowerThru family!

It may be April 1st, but no foolin’! We brought on Jesse Bacon to the PowerThru team as an online organizer and writer back in February, and he’s already making a mark. You may have met him at the latest New Organizing Institute bootcamp, or at Organizing NY in New York a couple weeks ago. He primarily works with Environmental Action, but will be lending a hand with all our clients. Anyways without further ado, here’s more about Jesse.

Jesse Bacon learned his online organizer and public relations crafts at Jewish Voice for Peace, working for foreign policy based on human rights. More recently he was Social Media Communications Director at VIVA Teachers, bringing the voice of teachers to public policy. Before all that he was a teacher in Chicago schools, and stay-at-home parent and an early adopter volunteer of a campaign for US Senate by his state senator, Barack Obama. He delights in finding sensitive, humorous, and inspiring ways to talk about tough issues and ways to use social media in real life. Jesse lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hear more from Jesse by following @trayf on Twitter, or join Environmental Action to hear a lot more about what he’s up to.



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